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Experienced Leasing Attorneys For Retail Landlords

Bowers Law has over two decades of experience helping our landlord clients solve their retail leasing challenges. We fully understand any problems you’re facing and know exactly how to help you overcome them in a way that results in your favor. Our tenacity for getting things done and keeping things moving means you can count on us to get results when you need them, while still maintaining a good relationship with all parties involved.

Retail Leasing Attorney for Landlords

Every day your space is empty means money lost for you. However, settling on a deal that’s not in your favor can expose you to risk. That’s why a retail leasing attorney can help you reach a deal fast by solving problems, advising decisions, and facilitating connections.

We Make Commercial Leasing Deals Happen Fast

Having both a thorough knowledge of the market combined with over twenty years of leasing experience lets us approach each challenge with the solution already in mind. We understand how to quickly solve your problems and get the deal done without putting you too much at risk, thanks to streamlined processes and well-organized systems. And our keen understanding of market trends combined with collegial relationships means we know how to accelerate the process of getting you the best deal possible.

Help At Every Turn

As a boutique firm that exclusively specializes in commercial leasing, we’re able to combine large-firm experience with small-firm attention to ensure your most important needs & timelines are met. Because of our high level of attention, professionalism and expertise, we’re quickly able to provide clients with the consideration and interest they deserve. Our sole focus is caring for each and every detail pertaining to your agreement, including any unique issues or circumstances you may be facing.

A Commercial Leasing Deal That’s Right For You

With hundreds of thousands of leases successfully negotiated, we understand exactly how to position you for success when it comes to your leasing agreement. Our experience handling the preparation and review of documents in connection with property management agreements, listing agreements, and various other ancillary agreements related to the ownership and management of commercial real estate means we know exactly how to make a deal that will preserve everything that’s important to you with speed and efficiency.

Contact Bowers Law For Help

Need help with a leasing agreement? With Bowers Law, you have a trusted retail leasing attorney to negotiate for you from both a legal and business perspective. We’ll help you get your deal done quickly without increasing your liability or giving up too much of your bottom line. Get in touch with us by calling 312-778-5891 or use our contact form.