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We Help Make Industrial Leasing Agreements Happen

Lease agreements can be complex documents that require careful drafting and negotiation before being signed. Bowers Law understands just how important these contracts are to our clients. Let us work hard to make sure your agreement is a good deal for you that protects your interests.

Industrial Leasing for Tenants

Few decisions can have a greater impact on your business than an industrial lease agreement. With far reaching consequences, these agreements impact how much money you spend and what risks you take over a lease term that may span up to 20 years. Bowers Law is here to help you understand the ins and outs of leases so you can protect yourself and your company. No matter what your leasing needs may be, we’ve got you covered.

A Deal That’s Best For You

With over two decades specializing in industrial leasing law, our industry expertise gives us the edge in facilitating an industrial property lease that meets your business needs. Our insight into the broader leasing marketplace ensures you get the best possible deal as we provide practical guidance throughout the entire leasing process. We’ll help you negotiate complicated leases and advise you about how to avoid any potential risks, financial or otherwise.

Where Efficiency Meets Service

Bowers Law understands how important getting the right lease can be for your company’s success. Our team works hard to ensure that our clients understand the lease provisions, getting the best deals while eliminating stress and confusion. When negotiating a lease, we know what questions to ask and what concerns to address before signing on the dotted line. This all enables us to help keep costs down and make sure your company gets exactly what they need.

Let Bowers Law Help With Your Industrial Lease

Our 20 years of experience has enabled us to help thousands of clients negotiate their leases, and now we’re ready to bring our expertise to yours. Among other matters, we help with:

  • Permitted use (hazardous materials, explosives, etc.)
  • Assignment and subletting rights
  • Hazardous materials (pre-existing and future)
  • Renewal and preferential rights (to lease and/or purchase)
  • Allocation of maintenance obligations
  • Alterations (right to make, obligation to remove, etc.)
  • Ownership of tenant’s heavy equipment (bridge cranes, etc.)
  • Condition at end of term (deferred maintenance, concrete, etc.)
  • Access (for heavy trucks, by rail, etc.)
  • Subordination and non-disturbance issues
  • Telecommunications, rooftop use

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Bowers Law is ready to help tenants like you with your industrial lease agreements. Let our knowledgeable attorneys guide you through the process of negotiating as we provide you with the insights and experience needed to get you the best deal. Get in touch with us by calling 312-778-5891 or use our contact form.