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Bowers Law has seen and addressed every type of issue in the leasing of retail space, and, because of this, our clients trust our commercial leasing lawyers to negotiate retail leases with their business interests in mind. We know the key issues retail tenants face, so we can help ensure you receive a favorable position when it comes to repairs, add-on fees and other expenses often passed through to tenants.

Retail Leasing Services for Tenants

Most retail leases last a minimum of 5 years and can space for 10 year or more, so they are long-term relationships not to be entered into lightly. Our exclusive focus on leasing means we not only understand the broader leasing market and know the issues to raise in negotiations, but we also have collegial relationships with brokers and opposing counsel that make us well positioned to reach resolution quickly on behalf of our tenant clients. We’ll negotiate from both a legal and a business perspective to ensure the best deal for you. lease that’s written with your needs in mind and to protect your interests.

Negotiate the Best Retail Lease for Your Business

With over 20 years specializing in commercial leasing law, our clients have trusted our commercial leasing attorneys for years to guide them toward the most favorable position possible for their business. Having served as counsel for various national commercial real estate developers/owners puts us on the inside track and makes us an invaluable partner for helping tenants navigate what can often be lengthy and complex lease forms. From access and parking to subletting rights and opening and operating covenants, we’ll help you navigate through the retail leasing process and avoid loopholes to ensure you never take on more liability than necessary.

Get Your Commercial Retail Leasing Deal Done Faster

Bowers Law not only strives to get clients the best deal possible, but will do so with speed and efficiency. Our commercial leasing attorneys know the issues to ask about and to watch out for in leasing negotiations, so we are able to streamline the process and focus your attention on the issues that are most relevant to your retail business.

Our experience as both in-house and outside counsel means we have a sophisticated knowledge of the market and have collegial relationships with brokers and opposing counsel to help ensure commercial lease deals get done faster. Bowers Law knows the issues to watch out for in commercial leasing negotiations and can guide you toward the most favorable position possible for your business.

Retail Leasing Issues We Help Address

  • Exclusivity and permitted use clauses
  • Restrictions on certain uses, including recorded CC&Rs
  • Assignment and subletting rights
  • Visibility (line of sight, elevations, etc.)
  • Access and parking
  • Opening and operating covenants (or the right to go dark)
  • Percentage Rent (definition of Gross Sales)
  • Co-Tenancy Clauses

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With more than 20 years of experience in commercial leasing law, we’ve negotiated for tenants across the country. Our clients know we have our finger on the pulse of the industry, and they trust us to negotiate the best possible leasing deals for their business.

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