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More Than 20 Years of Experience in Office, Industrial, and Retail Leasing

Our priority is always our clients’ best interest and when it comes to negotiating commercial leases, Bowers Law understands time is money. We pride ourselves in getting to work right away and staying on track to ensure your deal moves smoothly throughout the process—without delays.

With 20 years of experience in commercial leasing, we’ve negotiated hundreds of thousands of leases. Bringing a high level of expertise, we help finalize deals with commercial office space, industrial buildings, and retail space. Our experience ranges from full-floor office leases and build-to-suit leases to various size projects in major U.S. commercial centers.

Why We Stand Out

Bowers Law brings a collaborative and results-oriented approach to each project. Having worked with the best in the industry for years, we understand the importance of collegial relationships with opposing counsel to get the best results. We go the extra mile, and our clients feel like they’re working with in-house counsel because of our high level of attention, professionalism and expertise.

Attorneys Laser-Focused on Commercial Leases

Our sole focus on commercial leasing means we keep your deals on track and are never pulled away for closings or other matters. Because we’re a boutique firm, we add a personal touch you won’t get at other larger offices. Our business mindset and advisory role with commercial leasing transactions is superior to other firms. We’re able to address your needs and deadlines with small-firm attention and big-firm experience.

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